All-Russian scientific conferences “Seas of Russia” are annually held on the basis of the Marine Hydrophysical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. They are focused on the discussion of integrated approaches to the assessment and prediction of climate, state of the ocean and marine ecosystems, including the synergy of physical analysis methods, mathematical modeling and the contact and remote sensing data application.

Within the framework of the conferences, reports on the current state of research in the marine environment and practical tasks facing leading research teams are presented. These reports reflect recent advances in methods for assessing short-term and long-term processes in the marine environment and ecosystems and their impact on economic activities. The conference participants have the opportunity to exchange experience, coordinate the activities of research teams and carry out the search for ways to improve the quality of forecasts and assessments of the state of marine systems and the processes of their interaction with the atmosphere.

A wide range of presented topics of reports serves to unite efforts to improve and implement complex, multidisciplinary techniques for solving applied problems of physics, geography and biogeochemistry of the seas of Russia. Conferences serve as a platform for the development of optimal concepts to solve existing problems, give impetus to the search for new ideas and play an important role in solving the problems facing the scientific community of the Russian Federation.

The participation in planned to be face-to-face.