Баннер конференции

The All-Russian Scientific Conference “The Seas of Russia: Challenges of the National Science” will be held in Marine Hydrophysical Institute of RAS in Sevastopol on 26–30 September 2022.

The aim of the Conference is to improve the coordination of marine research programs, advance sea state monitoring systems, develop scientific potential, optimize planning of maritime space, and reduce maritime risks to improve the management of resources in marine and coastal zones.

The Conference is held under the aegis of the Marine Board under the Government of the Russian Federation.

The Conference media partners: Museum of the World Ocean and scientific journal Russian Arctic.

The Conference will be organized in the form of plenary, sectional and poster presentations in the following areas:

Section 1. Processes of the marine environment formation and evolution: from research to forecasting.

Section 2. Marine observing systems: methods, means and results.

Section 3. Safe use and exploration of the marine environment resources.

The scope of Conference reports will cover the following issues:

The organizing committee reserves the right to determine the type of report presentation at the Conference: plenary, section or poster one, as well as their distribution by sections.