The Museum of the World Ocean remains a partner of the "Seas of Russia" Conference

Published: July 16, 2022

For the second consecutive year, the Museum of the World Ocean stays the information partner of the All-Russian Scientific Conference "Seas of Russia". This is the only complex marine museum and methodological center in the country, and its work aimed at preserving maritime heritage. Its numerous displays are related to navigation, marine flora and fauna, and to research institutes of Russia.

MHI and the Museum began their close cooperation in 2016. Then, the first exhibits were handed over to create the current exposition devoted to Marine Hydrophysical Institute. MHI employees Tatiana Bayankina and Pavel Polikarpov attended the Museum on a working visit.

Last year, as part of the "Seas of Russia" Conference, representatives of the Museum of the World Ocean visited MHI for the first time.